Your Period Self-Care Toolkit Is Probably Missing Cannabis
Posted: 2022-03-14

Before reading this article, please take a deep breath… 1… 2… 3… 4… hold… now let it go.

That was your daily reminder to take it easy while on your period.

If you’re anything like us, you haven’t had a break in a long time, and you’re well overdue for a self-care day. Because we live in a society overwhelmed by hustle culture, we forget to take time to check in with our bodies. Instead of taking a break when we feel tired, sore, and tense, we burn ourselves out, draining every last bit of creativity and passion from our souls. As women, we have to listen to our bodies because they are physical manifestations of our feelings. If our bodies are tired and achy, then our minds and souls are probably in need of some TLC.

Usually, we learn to work from the outside-in, but it should be the other way around. If our hearts align with our minds, our bodies will exhibit signs of homeostasis. While some people have periods that feel like NBD, others feel out of whack: an emotional mess with too many thoughts and feelings, plus pain from cramping.

Throughout the 28-day moon cycle, the hormones in the reproductive system wax and wane like the moon's phases. “Estrogen rises during the first half of the menstrual cycle and drops during the second half. In some, serotonin levels stay mostly steady. For those with PMS, serotonin drops as estrogen drops. This means serotonin is lowest in the two weeks before their period; anyone with low serotonin levels are likely to have PMS symptoms,” reports Fairview Health Services.

The physical and emotional symptoms of PMS include breast soreness, headaches, fatigue, feeling tired, muscle aches, pelvic pain, cramping, depression, crying spells, forgetfulness, anxiety, mood swings, insomnia, confusion, and libido changes.

Awareness is key.

Understanding how your hormones impact your mental, emotional and physical health throughout your menstrual cycle is important because they significantly impact how you show up in your everyday life. Hustle culture doesn’t allow you to take breaks, but when it is time for your period to begin, we suggest taking it easy by listening to your body and paying attention to your thoughts and feelings. Once you’re aware of the specifics of your cycle, then you can begin to incorporate different remedies, like cannabis, into your period self-care toolkit.

Treatment options for women experiencing symptoms of PMS and PMDD include lifestyle changes, antidepressants, and hormonal interventions. “One recent study of self-reported outcomes demonstrated that women expecting positive results from cannabis treatments achieved relief of PMS or PMDD symptoms. These women used cannabis more often throughout the month […] the therapeutic effects of cannabis for women experiencing painful periods is a result of anti-inflammatory mechanisms.”

A recent survey that was done by the John Hopkins School of Medicine further supports the idea that cannabis can help alleviate the severe symptoms associated with PMS and PMDD. The Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics found that “most women reported cannabis improved pain from numerous gynecologic conditions.” These conditions include pelvic pain, excessive abdominal cramping, painful bowel movements, and other gynecological pain symptoms.

For dealing with your period, we suggest an inside-out approach. Why? Well, when you understand the symptoms that you're experiencing and why you're experiencing them, you can consider incorporating remedies. What you put inside your body can significantly impact how you feel. We suggest you do more research with your health care team if you’re considering cannabis for period woes–bad periods are not normal

Here are three Care By Design products to consider including in your period self-care toolkit:


Huckleberry Basil “Relief” Gummies: These sweet and savory gummies were designed to soothe, helping you sink into comfort. Relief gummies have 10mg of cannabinoids per piece and feature THC, CBD, and CBG for relief when you need it most.

Our Suggestion: Use these gummies when your body feels tense, or in advance of “that week”


Rest Drops: These drops, which have THC, CBD, and CBN in them, are a great way to prepare your body for a restful night. With herbal notes of sage, lavender, and eucalyptus, you will be enveloped by a sense of calm.

Our Suggestion: Use these drops in your soothing night time tea or with a glass of water as you go through your night time routine. Play some soft jazz, drink your tea, and drift off into a relaxed state.


Relax Soft Gels: These soft gels are designed to alleviate stress and promote wellness. Terpense like soothing Linalool help leave you feeling peaceful, calm, and relaxed.

Our Suggestion: Incorporate these soft gels into your daily routine to help practice awareness, and stay centered.

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