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Are you looking to join a values-driven team? Cannacraft has been cultivating health and happiness through cannabis since 2014 and is now the largest cannabis manufacturer in California!

Dennis Hunter is an entrepreneurial thinker… What he has achieved in the short time that cannabis has been legal is truly amazing.


Employee Spotlight

Sergio Alvarez

Sergio Alvarez

Gummy Manager
CannaCraft start date

June 2018


Los Angeles, CA

What does a Gummy Manager do

We make as many gummies as possible while increasing productivity and efficiency. We have a word in Spanish, maña, it means to find a ‘hack’ or ‘trick’ that improves the process. We’re
always trying to find a way to make it better--making sure we’re constantly improving without compromising on consistency and quality.

Describe your growth at CannaCraft

I started out in Packaging almost two years ago. After working there for a while, I moved to Satori production and then into gummies. I was lucky enough to have Eunice as my manager and am really appreciative of how supportive she is.

What you miss the most about home

My family

Favorite movie

Pineapple Express

Favorite CannaCraft Product

Care by Design 4:1 Gummies and Loud+Clear Blue City Diesel vape

Photo of Jack O'Callaghan, CannaCraft Facilities Manager

Jack O'Callaghan

Facilities Manager

Glen Ellen, CA

Daily Goal

To keep An on my good side so she keeps baking delicious treats.

What does a typical day look like

Ha! Every morning I walk in, I find the biggest fire and put it out. Throughout my day, I’m constantly reprioritizing based on changing needs. We’ve grown quickly in 5 years. Growth takes a lot of projects and creative ideas--which is something Dennis excels at. I like to refer to it as the “Dennis Factor.” I’ve learned, “you can’t do that” is not in his vocabulary.

How has CannaCraft changed in 5 years

My first year at CC, I found myself running a gel cap machine from a little closet on Todd Road. We didn’t have a traditional office building like we now have at Circadian. We didn’t have offices or a nice lobby with security. We certainly didn’t have a Fun Room. What we have now was built the hard way--a lot of trial and error and sticking to it until we figure out how to do it and how to do it well.


Mountain biking and jujitsu.

Favorite CannaCraft Product

Loud+Clear vapes & strawberry gummies.

Photo of Kat Davidson

Kat Davidson

Cash Manager
CannaCraft start date

June 2018


Kodiak, Alaska

Favorite Music

Led Zeppelin & Pink Floyd.

How did you get your start at CannaCraft

Jenn Glickman. I was working at a booth for a small concentrates company when I met Jenn. As time went on, we kept running into each other and she recommended me.

Secret Talent

Spotting counterfeit cash.

Someone at CannaCraft you couldn’t live without

My angel, Chris Potter.


Animal rescue & photography.

What is your favorite CannaCraft product

I’ve always been a huge fan of Care by Design and ABX and used them long before I worked here. I used to manage a dispensary and one of my true joys was recommending CbD and watching how it improved life for our cancer patients.

CannaCraft Benefits

Comprehensive Health Plans
Comprehensive Health Plans
Stock Appreciation Rights For All Employees
Stock Appreciation Rights For All Employees
Paid Parental Leave
Paid Parental Leave
Team volunteer days
Paid Time Off For Volunteering
Dog Friendly Office Environment
Dog Friendly Office Environment
Career Development
Career Development