How to Introduce Your Parents to Cannabis Over the Holidays
Posted: 2020-11-18

The holidays can be a hectic and stressful time of frenzied gift buying, multiple gatherings, and too much food—but this year is proving to be stressful in its own unique ways. While your sister-in-law who deals with anxiety may show up to the family Zoom with giant bottles of wine, you have the opportunity to introduce her and the rest of your adult family to cannabis; something they may never have considered taking in the past.

Answers to Your Family’s Top Questions
The first step in talking to someone about giving cannabis a try lies in education. Helping to introduce your aging parents and other senior family members to cannabis starts with addressing their fears about ingesting the plant and how the outcomes might feel.

I’ve only heard about marijuana; what is CBD?
The cannabis plant (what your family knows colloquially as marijuana) contains various chemical compounds that each create the unique effects experienced when consuming it. Cannabinoids (specifically THC and CBD) drive most of the mental and physical effects of cannabis consumption. They probably know the most about THC, which is known for controlling the “high” associated with cannabis. However, CBD (or Cannabidiol) has equally impactful effects on the body without creating a traditionally psychoactive high in the brain. The calming effect of CBD can offer relief from daily activites and help with occasional sleeplessness. Learn more by reading What is Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil

Will I feel stoned and not be able to enjoy my time with everyone?
Not unless you want to. When products have the right balance of CBD to THC, they can stabilize the body and mind without leaving you feeling high. In fact, they may find that they are more alert and attentive in the moment while the stress of the holidays plays out around you. We would suggest anyone new to cannabis try a high CBD starter dose, either a 40:1 or 18:1 ratio (explained more later in this article), which will have little to no psychoactivity at all.

Do I have to smoke something?
No! Visionary companies have created products beyond the traditional smoking method of consumption. Now, a person can take cannabis orally as a gummy, drops, or soft gel in a variety of CBD to THC ratios so they can control the strength of the intended effects. Learn more by reading How to Choose the Right Cannabis Product for Your Needs

A Guide to Cannabis Product Ratios
Having the answers to your family’s top questions is a start, but you will also need to decide—either ahead of time or during get-togethers—what the right products will be for your family based on their experience level and desired outcomes. That’s why it’s important to get to know the different ratios you can choose.

This ratio is specifically formulated to minimize psychoactivity, making it great for those who have little to no experience with cannabis but seeking relief from mild or occasional stress. This is where we would recommend anyone new to cannabis start. 

A ratio designed for novice and expert cannabis users; it can be perfect for everyday use. This ratio can start your day off right or help you wind down and easily drift off to sleep. This can also be a good starting point for anyone new to cannabis. 

Good for experienced cannabis users to find comfort throughout the day with a little psychoactivity. This ratio is excellent for those who are looking for whole-body wellness and occasional stress relief, working well for a daytime pick-me-up.

A strong daytime or nighttime ratio designed for occasional stress relief and better sleep. Great for experienced cannabis users with some tolerance for THC with a little psychoactivity.

This is best for experienced cannabis users seeking strong daytime or nighttime comfort and a calm feeling with moderate psychoactivity. This ratio is for people looking for help with sleep and finding relaxation, featuring a high amount of CBD and a medium to high amount of THC.

Designed for experienced cannabis users who can tolerate more THC for a balanced feeling with some psychoactivity, this ratio is great for those looking for a better night’s rest or to relax at the end of a long day.

Where to Find Reliable Products
Care By Design began in 2013 when we first started to identify and breed Cannabis sativa plants full of CBD and minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Each of our gummies, drops, capsules, and vape cartridges are crafted to amplify key effects under the guidance of some of the leading scientific minds in cannabinoid wellness. These are all facts you can use to assure friends and family that the products you suggest are safe and dependable.

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