Recycling Child-Resistant Packaging

With cannabis legalization came new laws about packaging, and as of July 1, 2018, all of CannaCrafts’s 100+ different products from AbsoluteXtracts, Care By Design, and Satori Chocolates were put into CR-compliant packaging.

While the BCC has changed their minds about some of the original packaging decisions, we need to make sure we always comply 100% with California laws (keeping in mind that they are still developing). Unfortunately, we also care deeply about community, sustainably, and using regenerative practices and we are obviously concerned about the impact that plastic CR packaging will have on California.

So while our hands are tied, that doesn’t mean we have to give up. Around the office we’ve all been talking about ways to reuse some of the CR packaging our favorite products come in. There are hundreds of ways these can be used, but we’ve compiled some of the best ideas to share with you!


Photo displaying repurposed cannabis product packaging containers


ABX and Care By Design Vape Cartridge Vials

This handy little vial really has endless possibilities:

  • Anyone else seem to always find rogue ibuprofens in the bottom of your purse? Or maybe you just always seem to need an Aleve but don’t want to carry around a large bottle. This is perfect for stashing a few in your bag.
  • Hey, fellow crafters! These are also perfect for storing glitter, beads, thread, googly eyes, brads, or just about any little craft that you have a hard time keeping track of.
  • Leave the large containers at home and fill these up with spices for camping trips or picnics.
  • Make yourself a little survival kit by packing this with a couple of extra fishing hooks, fishing line, and a couple of strike anywhere matches.
  • These are also perfect little vases for succulent clippings and other small flowers.

Care By Design Applicator and Topical Tubes

So many options, where do we even begin:

  • Keep your pre-rolls safe and nugs un-smooshed and free of pocket lint.
  • Throw one in your beach bag to keep your vape battery and a couple of carts sand-free.
  • This tube is the perfect size to keep nuts/snacks in your purse. Just wash and dry it out before the first use.
  • These tubes are also easy to spot and float (OK, don’t test this one too much, but as long as you don’t submerge them underwater for a long period of time, they stay pretty dry inside), so put your keys and some cash in these guys for your bag while you’re kayaking.

ABX and Care By Design Sublingual Strip “Cassettes”

These little sliding cassettes are perfect for the teeny-tiny items in your life:

  • Never remember where that extra button ended up? Make yourself an on-the-go sewing kit and throw a sewing needle, thread in basic colors (white, back, and navy), and extra buttons you never know what to do with.
  • Like to have mints but hate carrying around the whole container? Pop a couple in here to make sure your breath is always fresh.

Are you going to reuse any cannabis CR packaging? We hope so! Make sure you share your pics and tag us on social @CareByDesign or @AbsoluteXtracts so we can see your ideas and share them with our followers.

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