Our founder's statement on Covid-19

Hello, I’m Dennis Hunter, co-founder of CannaCraft.

Like all of you, CannaCraft is closely following developments regarding Covid-19 and we are taking recommended precautions to keep our communities safe.

These are new and uncertain times that we are navigating together, and I want to let you know that CannaCraft is working diligently to ensure customers have uninterrupted access to safe cannabis.

As Covid-19 spreads and more people are impacted, our health services will continue to be overwhelmed. Right now, it is more important than ever for people to continue the daily health regimens they rely on, and for millions in California that includes medicinal cannabis.

To make this possible, we are following recommendations from experts and have implemented robust health and safety protocols to safeguard against the virus at our facilities and on the road.


Photo of co-founder Dennis Hunter


Our team is also working closely with state officials to designate licensed cannabis retailers as essential business operations during this time. We’ve had success with several cities and counties in the Bay Area, and we are confident our efforts will continue to make a difference in more regions.

If your retail location is in an area with a shelter in place order, and you would like more information on how to apply for a special designation, please reach out and we can help you with the process.

In order to continue supporting you at this time, CannaCraft will be releasing new virtual tools that allow us to stay in close communication and relay pertinent information while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Over the next few days and weeks, we will be rolling out a series of educational videos to introduce new products and brands. And we are equipping our team with the tools to remain in close contact and conduct virtual meetings for the foreseeable future.

The impact of the pandemic will be severe, but the cannabis industry is resilient and resourceful. This community has shown up for each other, time and time again and I know we will come together now.

We hope you’re taking good care of yourself and doing what you can to stay healthy. And we are thinking of you and your loved ones through these times.

Thank you.

Dennis Hunter

Co-Founder, CannaCraft, Inc.


About CannaCraft

CannaCraft was founded in 2014 by lifetime cultivators and pioneers, with the mission of making easy-to-use, safe, and effective cannabis products. With over 200 employees, the company currently manufactures and distributes AbsoluteXtracts, Care By Design, Lagunita’s Hi-Fi Hops, Satori Edibles, and Loud + Clear from their 70k ft2 headquarters in Santa Rosa. CannaCraft’s product portfolio boasts hundreds of products in unique applications including cannabis-infused soft gels, chocolates, beverages, tinctures, lotions, full-spectrum vape cartridges, sauce infused vape cartridges, and more. For additional information please visit www.cannacraft.com.

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