CannaCraft's Guide to Safe Vaping

At CannaCraft, AbsolutExtracts and CarebyDesign, we have been closely following the tragic reports of illnesses and deaths related to illegal market cannabis vapes. While our products are in no way affiliated with the ongoing investigations or consumer health issues, we remain committed to consumer safety and education and are monitoring the situation so we can provide necessary information to ensure consumer safety.

What’s happening with Vaping?

The exact cause of vaping illnesses is still under investigation, but it appears tainted vape cartridges entered the illegal market supply chain at the beginning of the year with incidents of vaping related respiratory disorders reported in 48 states.

Is Vaping Bad?

While there are illnesses linked to illicit-market vapes, at the same time, over 27 million lab-tested vape cartridges have been sold through licensed dispensaries without incident since adult-use was legalized in California in 2018.

This is a strong indication that vaping THC or CBD oil is not the issue. The problem seems to be impurities used in black market vapes that are unsafe for inhalation.

Sourcing and Ingredients Matter

Unregulated, and untested, illegal vapes often start with contaminated cannabis plants blended with harmful, low-quality ingredients that are not disclosed or are misrepresented to consumers.

Potentially harmful ingredients found in illegally-produced vapes include; pesticides, mold, mildew, Vitamin E, artificial flavorings, synthetic cannabinoids, and heavy metals.

Unlike illegal vapes, our vaping products—along with licensed dispensaries and manufacturers in California—meet the nation’s most stringent testing and regulation standards, guaranteeing products free of contaminants as well as unknown ingredients.

Additionally, lab results are available to customers through retailers.

How to avoid harmful vaping products

  1. The easiest way to guarantee you are buying safe cannabis products is to purchase trusted brands, made by licensed manufacturers, and sold through licensed retailers. Not sure where to buy from? Use our dispensary locator, at the bottom of this page to find a licensed retailer near you.
  2. Avoid vapes with unnecessary additives like flavorings, synthetic cannabinoids, propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol, etc. While many additives have been deemed safe for ingesting, there is no general consensus that they are safe for inhalation. For that reason, ABX/CBD vapes have been and always will be made with 100% cannabis oil. Period.
  3. Lastly, follow #weedwise, on Twitter and Instagram. This hashtag serves as a statewide public information resource, providing the latest consumer safety information.

Our Commitment to Safe Vaping

Since CannaCraft was founded in 2014, our mission has been to cultivate health and wellness through safe and consistently-dosed cannabis products. Customer safety is of the utmost importance to us and we have worked with leading cannabis researchers and medical professionals to ensure that our products are helping people, not endangering them. While we are confident in the safety of our products, we are extremely concerned about consumer safety and public health. To that end we will provide updates as we learn more about the issue and will continue the dialogue on how to safely purchase and consume cannabis products.

Safe Vaping Infographic - Our commitment to quality


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