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California Cannabis Industry Association Calls for Stricter Enforcement of Delta-8 and Other Synthesized Cannabinoids10/24/2022California Marijuana Policy

California Marijuana Policy   |   10/24/2022

California North Coast Cannabis Industry Continues to Be Challenged, Local Experts Say10/06/2022North Bay Business Journal

North Bay Business Journal   |   10/06/2022

Carbon Dioxide Shortage Impacts Cannabis09/30/2022Cannabis Now

Cannabis Now   |    09/30/2022

Best OG Kush for Celebrating the Anniversary of OG09/15/2022Leafly

Leafly   |   09/15/2022

Fall 2022 Dispensary Buyers’ Guide09/12/2022MG Magazine

MG Magazine  |   09/12/2022

America’s Powerhouse Pre-rolls of Labor Day and Fall ’2208/30/2022Leafly

Leafly   |    08/30/2022

Juva Life Launches Revised JuLi Registry, Showcases Cannabis and CBD Brands to Track Effects on Cannabis Patient08/16/2022Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo! Finance    |    08/16/2022

Northern Nights’ Cannabis Festival Experience is Elite07/21/2022LA Weekly

LA Weekly  |  07/21/2022

Stoner Nerds Doing Dabs at Los Angeles’ Cannabis and Movies Club07/14/2022Dope Magazine

Dope Magazine   |     07/14/2022

Waste-derived Pyrolysis Oil Market 2022 New Opportunities07/14/2022Marketwatch

Marketwatch   |    07/14/2022

While Other Craft Brewers Struggle, Lagunitas Looks to Future with New Products07/09/2022North Bay Business Journal

North Bay Business Journal    |    07/09/2022

Humboldt Terp Council Makes LA Weekly's "710 List"07/07/2022LA Weekly

LA Weekly  |   07/07/2022

California Eliminates Cannabis Cultivation Tax, Effective Immediately07/01/2022Cannabis Business Times

Cannabis Business Times   |  07/01/2022

Northern Nights Announces Farmer and the Felon, ABX, and More for Stage Dispensary Takeovers06/30/2022Skunk Magazine

Skunk Magazine |   06/30/2022

California Ends Cannabis Cultivation Tax, Partly Blamed for Strangling the Legal Industry06/30/2022North Bay Business Journal

North Bay Business Journal  |   06/30/2022

Working Out High: How to Work out with Weed06/20/2022Weedmaps

Weedmaps |   06/20/2022

New Study Demonstrates CBD's Strong Safety Profile06/17/2022Terpenes and Testing

Terpenes and Testing  |   06/17/2022

California's Cannabis Market at a Crossroads06/12/2022Cannabis Business Times

Cannabis Business Times  |   06/12/2022

CannaCraft's HiFi Sessions Named in 10 Best Weed Drinks of 202206/10/2022Weedmaps

Weedmaps  |   06/10/2022

The 2022 Emerald Cup a Big Hit in Hollywood05/30/2022The Health Guild

The Health Guild  |   05/30/2022

California Cannabis Business, Association Leaders Express Opposition to S.B. 109705/26/2022Cannabis Business Times

Cannabis Business Times  |   05/26/2022

The Emerald Cup Takes Over Hollywood05/19/2022LA Weekly

LA Weekly  |   05/19/2022

California Gov’s Marijuana Tax Plan Fails to Fix Key Problems, Industry Officials Say05/19/2022MJ Biz Daily

MJ Biz Daily  |   05/19/2022

CannaCraft Brands Take First Prize in 4 Categories and “Best in Show” at the 2022 Emerald Cup05/17/2022Cannabis Business Times

Cannabis Business Times  |   05/17/2022

The Emerald Cup Awards Rocks Hollywood with Unforgettable Genetics and Guests05/17/2022High Times

High Times  |   05/17/2022

CannaCraft is Raising the Bar One Brand at a Time05/12/2022Cannabis Now

Cannabis Now  |   05/12/2022

Stephen Marley Returns to Mateel Community Center on June 2nd05/11/  |   05/11/2022

We're High on These Last-Minute 420 Gifts04/21/2022Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur  |   04/21/2022

The 7 Best CBD-Infused Beers and Beverages of 202204/20/2022Hop Culture

Hop Culture  |   04/20/2022

California Patients Still Fighting for MED Access04/06/2022Weed Week

Weed Week  |   04/06/2022