Delicious and Fast-Acting Edibles



Everybody knows that cannabis edibles take a long  time to kick in (between 45 minutes to two hours), and then you’re ‘in for a ride,”, with effects lasting anywhere between three to 12 hours.  We realize that the uncertainty and variability of these onset/offset times are less than ideal for many of our consumers. We set out to make an edible that is fast-acting and also has  a shorter duration of effect, with set goals to feel the cannabinoids in about 10 minutes and have a full return to ‘normalcy’ within just a couple hours. We succeeded.


How do we do it?  Well, the first and most important step is, of course, to get an edible that tastes great! For this we let our team of food scientists and professionally-trained pastry chefs do what they love to do best—make delicious foods! We source only the highest quality ingredients and premium cannabis oil for all of our products. Then, we give our culinary team free rein to experiment and play with new and interesting cannabis combinations. They never fail to impress.


Making an edible work with the ambitious 10-minute speed we set out for is no small feat. The strategy lies around emulsification, which allows the cannabis oil to work much faster. However, cannabis-based emulsions need to be suspended in water to exist, and starkly contrasting our line of beverage products (which are also fast-acting), chocolate contains zero water content.  So, the solution? Instead of emulsifying the cannabis oil inside the product, we emulsify it inside of you!


We utilize a proprietary formulation of fats and oils that is carefully balanced to spontaneously emulsify in gastric acids as soon as the chocolate hits your stomach.  How cool is that?!   Check it out for yourself by picking up some Satori Fast-Acting Strawberries  at your local dispensary and trying a few on an empty stomach.