Emulsion Technologies


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Cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) are highly hydrophobic, a scientific  term meaning that they do not like to mix with water. Just like the oil and vinegar in your salad dressing, they will spontaneously separate into two distinct layers over time. So how is it that CannaCraft is able to manufacture all of the cannabis-infused beverage products we’ve all come to know and love, such as HiFi Hops and Keef sodas?


The scientists at CannaCraft are able to ‘trick’ the THC and CBD molecules into staying in water through a process called nano-emulsification. Emulsions are microscopic bubbles of oil that are stabilized in an aqueous solution. A single 10mg bottle of one of our beverages contains hundreds of billions of these little tiny oil droplets. Emulsification allows our cannabinoids to be stably suspended in your bottle for years, with the added perk that you will feel the effects harder and faster compared to traditional edibles.


So how do we do it? Nano-emulsification requires a high energy source of shear forces and we achieve this through high-shear processing. . We send out a sample of this to a third-party analytical laboratory to test for potency and ensure our product is free of any pesticides, heavy metals, or residual solvents. We only use natural emulsifiers in our beverages which is why you will see some cloudiness to our products. Complete visual clarity is possible but it generally requires the use of synthetic compounds that some producers leave off of their product labels.


We want our emulsion droplets small enough to optimize the bioavailability of the cannabinoids. Once all of our extensive quality checks are finished and confirmed, the raw emulsion concentrate is diluted to our beverages to make the final products you know and love.