Turn it up.

Loud+Clear is the sibling brand to AbsoluteXtracts. As is the case with many younger siblings, it’s wild and rebellious. Like ABX, Loud+Clear features 100% cannabis oil, expertly extracted to preserve the full richness of specific cannabis strains. But that’s where the similarities end. While AbsoluteXtracts is the definition of “chill,” Loud+Clear is, well, loud.

Loud+Clear delivers a unique high via live resin and highly potent cannabis oil, giving flower lovers access to favorite flavors when they’re on the go.

All-in-One Vaporizers feature CCELL high-performance vaporizer battery and 300mg of our strain-specific live resin and high-potency cannabis oil.

Loud+Clear is one of the few brands to feature Delta-8-THC, one of the 100+ cannabinoids found in cannabis, wheras most THC on the market is technically Delta-9-THC. Most dried cannabis flower contains less than 1% of Delta-8-THC, so creating a product that contains a substantial amount of this cannabinoid requires extraction and formulation expertise. Delta-8, lower in psychotropic effects, offers calming relief without mental “fog.”