Turn it up.

Loud+Clear is the sister brand to AbsoluteXtracts. As is the case with many younger siblings, it’s wild and rebellious. Like ABX, Loud+Clear features 100% cannabis oil, expertly extracted to preserve the full richness of specific cannabis strains. But that’s where the similarities end. While AbsoluteXtracts is the definition of “chill,” Loud+Clear is, well, loud, including liquid diamonds, HTE, and botanical terpenes for amplified flavor and potency.

Over 90% THC. Loud + Clear's Diamond Collection is louder, bolder, and bursting with flavor. Made from the freshest, hand-selected batches of flower. Extracted at subzero temperatures. Infused with diamonds for added intensity. California’s most popular strains, amplified with natural botanical terpenes for ultimate flavor. For the cannabis lover that always wants more.