The CannaCraft House of Brands

The CannaCraft House of Brands

has something exceptional for every type of customer you serve.

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We cultivate health and wellness through cannabis

Since 2014, CannaCraft has built a full-service operation with retailers in mind. Our diverse catalog crosses all categories, providing the cannabis retail marketplace with a robust portfolio of purpose-driven brands, product selection, and competitive pricing.

Many of our SKUs provide higher shelf space return vs. average product in several categories. For your next order, consider our menu of award-winning chocolates, delicious gummies, hard-hitting soft gels, tasty sun-grown flower, terpy live resin, hoppy drinks, and full-spectrum vapes.

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We thrive when you do

Our knowledgeable sales team provides business review check-ins to ensure your pricing, sell-through programs, merchandising, and shelf allocations give the best product mix and margin.

  • Quick response ordering & product confirmations
  • Reliable, consistent on-time and scheduled delivery, AR/term contract options
  • POS / Data Inventory Data Sharing Platform (Headset)
  • Digital sell-through and promotional support campaigns
  • Supply of fresh content; photos, blogs and videos to share on social meda
  • New and Key Account programs
  • Safe-practice brand take-over events
  • Co-op marketing assets, branded swag
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Our customers are your customers

#1 request we get from customers — “Where do I find my CannaCraft favorites?”

When customers find one of our products that they enjoy, they stick with it, driving brand loyalty so real we can measure it. Our customers averaged five dispensary trips more in the previous 12 months than those not buying CannaCraft products, and they spend a lot more per basket.*

CannaCraft manufactured products sold more than $155M in combined retail sales in 2020 **

*Source: Headset Data Analytics - Shopper Frequency October 2019-October 2020, Average Basket Sales October 2020

**Source: HeadsetData Insights - Retail Sales. All CannaCraft manufactured Brand sales, January - December 2020.

Education counts

ZolTrain is our preferred training platform for busy purchasing buyers and budtenders who are always on their phones or iPads and could use an incentive or two.

Learn more about ZolTrain, and contact your sales rep to schedule a virtual or in-person training.

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CannaCraft’s focus on being a part of the solution is in everything we do.

Did you know? 71% of U.S. consumers have made a charitable donation at the register, and 55% like being asked to support a charity at checkout. *

If you are a Cannabis Retailer and would like to support the Last Prisoner Project, please consider adding their Roll it Up for Justice register campaign.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) work generates positive impact for communities in the areas of social justice, democracy, nutritional health & wellness.

Explore our 2020 giving program in more detail — CSR 2020 Review

* Source: Good Scout Consumer Report

Retail Merchandise Services

It takes a lot of design thinking when it comes to how our brands show up on the shelf in your store. Every store has unique space challenges. We offer an array of display-ready pieces and custom space build-outs to encourage, entice and educate your consumers about our brands.

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Interested in carrying a CannaCraft Brand?

Whether you are new to our portfolio, or if you want to add additional CannaCraft products to your product offerings, our sales team is ready to assist.