Kindness Farms sits on over 100 acres of pristine land in Lake County, California. Over 40,000 cannabis plants are grown under the California sun and are harvested year-round. Kindness Farms’ growth operations optimize cutting-edge technology for lighting and irrigation design as well as soil fertility analysis, feed assessment, and crop scheduling. This insight is paired with our collective experience of over 60 years of responsible cannabis cultivation to grow healthy plants that nurture our patients, our land, and our communities.

Kindness Farms is wholly owned by CannaCraft, one of the largest cannabis manufacturers in California. The company’s roots in cannabis cultivation date back to the ‘80s.  This authentic connection to the plant and commitment to ensuring safe cannabis be available to all who need it has been a guiding principle for CannaCraft since the start, and it will continue to shape Kindness Farms and the care and dedication we give to our plants and our customers. Kindness Farms is a new cannabis farm–with a lot of history.